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Depending on your business size, scope and focus, you may want to integrate CHILI publisher in one or multiple environments across your company. We can help determine the most optimal implementation of environments so everyone can work flawlessly.


SLA (P1/P2)

Our Service Level Agreement secures the performance and quality delivered by CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, and the service delivered by our team. Depending on your subscription tier, your ticket will be handled as Priority 1 (P1 – response time within 8 working hours) or Priority 2 (P2 – response time within16 working hours). There’s no time to waste for anyone, so each request is dealt with as quickly as possible.



Maximum operability is our main driver. Our team of solution specialists and developers are at your back and call to help you get the most out of your solution. Depending on your subscription tier, you’ll be able to count on them for 20, 30 or unlimited working hours per year. This is time entirely and exclusively dedicated to your business. Our software is ever growing through the feedback of our community and partner ecosystem. Ticket solutions that serve the greater good and growth of all, are communicated to and shared with all.



We’re a global company and have support teams available worldwide to heed your every need, if and when you need us. Who will be available when at what time of the year somewhere on the globe will depend on your subscription level. 9/5 during office hours or 24/7 worldwide – take your pick.



We offer our customers secured, safe development environments, “sandboxes”, for their team to try our software in. This secured space contains all CHILI publisher functionalities and runs smoothly as the actual implementation. We help determine your need, if there is any, the appropriate amount and advise on best setup. This will depend on your business scale and safety compliance regulations.



To avoid turnover loss during downtime, CHILI publisher offers a failover setup of the solution. This will allow you to switch solutions to ensure business continuity. This default back-up system is available as of the Platinum subscription model.

Production license

Production license

Our software is an ecosystem on its own. The integration in and with workflows is handled through your production license. Ultimate and Ultimate+ subscribers can opt for multiple licenses, if and when required.

CHILI renders

CHILI renders

A CHILI render is any output you generate within CHILI publisher. Some need many, some but a few, which is why you can select a subscription level that works for your business. It is not a click cost. It is not a render when you import an InDesign® or Illustrator® document, nor if you render a font or barcode. It is a render when you output to PDF, HTML or IDML. CHILI publisher deploys a fair use policy when it comes to CHILI renders, in agreement with the customer, based on subscription level.

CHILI renders

#UGE toolset

Every license level grants the subscriber full access to the complete toolset of CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine. There is no limit to functionalities, there are no API restrictions or SDP package deals. CHILI publisher comes as the WYSIWYG solution you’re signing up for.


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Our team can help you determine the best subscription model for your business value proposition. Leave us your name, e-mail and some information on your business and preference of business model. We’ll do our homework and reach out to you for a tailored proposal!

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