US premier for CHILI publisher novelties at Print 17

Jun 30th 2017

​The most elaborate online document editing tool lays out the new upgrades at demo stand 257

New York, USA, June 30th, 2017 – CHILI publish will be showcasing some exciting new features of CHILI publisher at Print 17, taking place September 10-14, 2017 in McCormick Place South - Chicago, IL, United States of America. CHILI publisher remains the most elaborate online document editing tool to date in the market. To substantiate this frontrunner position, the company is ready to unveil the latest additions to its already extensive service offering. The company will be running an ongoing demo program throughout the show at stand 257.

Breaking in and bringing out the new goods

“We rebel at stagnation. We said we’d invest in R&D and so we did. The team worked hard on new developments as we went and upped the HTML game. After some elaborate testing, we’re proud to announce quite some novelties and improvements to the proven formula that is CHILI publisher.” Ward Delanghe, CTO a CHILI publish comments. All updates have been developed to secure a threefold improvement in terms of:

1. Rendering

  • New server rendering module operates five times faster. All major features (text wrap, drop shadow, blend modes, variables, text layout) are fully operational and HTML optimized.
  • The updated rendering ties in with an impressive improvement in the HTML editor loading speed.
  • The Input Method Editor (IME) goes HTML. The IME Editor allows any data to be received as input. Browser-based users of Latin keyboards can now also input data from languages that use more graphemes, like Chinese or Arabic. On handheld devices, users can deploy the numeric keypad or the screen display to show the data. As a perk for the traveling salesman, it also enables speech to text on iPad.

2. Integration

  • Cloud application integration has been activated, enabling users to save documents and assets onto an external cloud storage. External authentication communication is also updated to enhance the user experience.
  • Integration rises to the next level by allowing users to create a DIY customized user interface on the CHILI Editor. Users can now present customers with a unified closed circle HTML5 solution.

3. User experience

  • A fresh, clean, modern look and feel has been applied to the workspaces to improve the view for the end-user.
  • The latest update of the 3D viewer delivers fast rendering of the final product result. It also features the 3D rendering of the finishing effects like reflection, embossing and varnish.
  • The optimization of the remote rendering equally applies to the 3D visualization module. This way, the remote user can show the 3D visualization on a mobile handheld device when meeting (potential) customers.

On a Print 17 mission

CHILI publish introduced online editing to the market to speed up the go-to-market introduction of tailored marketing material. A novelty solution that built a solid reputation over the years. “Customer deployment and partner integrations stimulated CHILI publisher’s further development. We feel a lot of people know the product, but they don’t realize what else it can do. We want to get them reacquainted with CHILI publisher, so they fall in brand love all over again.” Kevin Goeminne, CHILI publish CEO explains.

At the show, the CHILI publish team will also source new people to join the US team. The company is looking for sales reinforcements, as well as technical profiles to increase the local support teams for trainings and installations.

Kevin Goeminne, CEO CHILI publish concludes: “Our US office is our second home, so this feels like a home game for us in a market that was an early adopter of our technology. Its feedback proved invaluable and I’m looking forward to showing what else we had and will have in store for online editing. I can’t think of a better platform than Print 17 to expand our US community.”

At Print 17, the company will welcome visitors to the demo pods at stand 257 to show the novelties released.

Journalists who’d like to register for a 1-1 meeting with management or book a technical session, can contact Maya Staels at

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