CHILI publish launches CHILI publisher 5.0!

Mar 17th 2016

CHILI publish turns up the heat to redefine document editing with CHILI publisher 5.0

Erembodegem, Belgium, March 16, 2016 – CHILI publish (, the leading developer of innovative publishing technology, today announces the next generation of its flagship online editing solution: CHILI publisher 5.0.

This feature-packed release represents the next generation of document editing, giving users new functionality that transforms the way documents are created, edited and shared. This release includes a completely updated user experience, enhanced output options, new design effects, and enhanced support for Asian languages. The exciting new solution will be showcased on stand F40 in hall 7a at drupa 2016 from May 31 till June 10 at the Messe Düsseldorf.

Kevin Goeminne, CHILI publish CEO, says, “We redefined online editing when we introduced the CHILI publisher in 2010. Much has changed since then. Our technology is now used in regions around the world, mobile devices dominate the market, and designs are more complex than ever. With these trends in mind, we developed CHILI publisher 5.0. The powerful new functionality included in this release significantly enhances the document editing experience today – and in the future.”

CHILI publisher 5.0: the HOT details

Work today is no longer limited to the desktop. Users are routinely working from devices and places of their choice. CHILI publisher 5.0 keeps pace with this trend, and has developed a completely new user experience for online editing.

This new UX accommodates the wide range of applications in which users choose to edit – on their phones, tablets or computers. Whether the user is editing on a small or large screen, using a mouse or touch - or even a combination of these - CHILI publisher dynamically adapts the workspace to give the user the best possible experience.

The Asian Opportunity

Asia continues to be region of growth and opportunity for CHILI Publish. As a result, CHILI publisher 5.0 includes support for Asian languages for direct creation and editing in CHILI publisher. Currently Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian are supported with more languages to follow. Output of these documents to PDF and InDesign Mark-Up Language (IDML) is also supported.

Special effects make the difference

The release of CHILI publisher 5.0 also gives users new effects that can be applied to a frame or text. Now, in addition to drop shadows, users can add an inner shadow to a frame to create an illusion of depth. A glow effect can be added around the text or frame, and a bevel and emboss effect can be used to create an illusion of relief on text or on a frame. Also included in this release are new viewing capabilities that enable users to view special effects in 3D. Ink varnish, gloss, and gold simulation can all now be viewed in the 3D preview.

Goeminne continues, “Since its introduction, CHILI publisher has grown to become the leading online editing solution used by customers around the world to make digital publishing easier and more efficient. These new features expand that capability to meet today’s needs, and provide full HTML 5 compatibility. With CHILI publisher 5.0, users can invest today and have tomorrow’s capabilities at their fingertips as they grow.”

Maintaining Brand and Design Consistency

Whether one user is creating content in one location or a group of users is collaborating across a complex content creation supply chain, maintaining brand and design consistency is critical. CHILI publisher 5.0 includes new capabilities designed to build on the robust design and editing experience these users expect from CHILI publish. These include:

Dynamic Asset Provider

The Dynamic Asset Provider framework can be used to show dynamic images from external sources via a “URL feed” in the CHILI Editor. A dynamic image is an image that is updated in real-time through variable information provided by the CHILI Editor to an external service.

For example, Dynamic Asset provider can be used to create something straightforward like a chart or to create different types of applications such as a customized map to a specific location.

Grouped copy fitting

The CHILI publisher includes enhanced copy fitting features across multiple non-linked frames. This allows users to apply the same copy fitting style to all of the text frames, ensuring consistent font sizes throughout the document.

3D folding and models in HTML

CHILI publisher 5.0 makes the standalone viewer for 3D folding and 3D models available in HTML.

To see a demonstration of this exciting new product, visit CHILI publish in stand F40 in hall 7a at drupa 2016 from May 31 till June 10 at the Messe Düsseldorf, or contact us at

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