CHILI publish Announces a New Era for PDF Rendering

Mar 17th 2016

Full relief rendering of PDF documents can now be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any platform

Erembodegem, Belgium, March 16, 2016 – ( CHILI publish, the leading developer of innovative technology, today announces a new technical development that revolutionizes the way PDFs are rendered: CHILI rendro 1.0.

CHILI rendro enables fast, accurate rendering of PDFs that can then be viewed on any device supporting the HTML5 canvas. CHILI rendro can also come with a 3D module that can show PDF content in actual application scenarios. Together, these features improve operations for any business that has PDFs at the core of their work, including marketing service providers, OEMs in the graphic arts industry, packaging converters, and advertising agencies. This new technology will be showcased on the CHILI publish stand, F40 in hall 7a, at drupa 2016 from May 31 till June 10 at the Messe Düsseldorf.

Adhering to standards

PDF is a format intended to retain the creator’s accuracy of reproduction and context, the way a printed copy does. This means that regardless of who is looking at the PDF – and whatever platform or device they are using – the PDF should be able to be viewed the way it was intended, both graphically and contextually. This instruction is described in an ISO standard, and PDF readers need to follow that standard to ensure this level of accuracy.

In reality, apart from some desktop applications, none of the PDF readers on the market follow that standard completely. The result is that PDFs do not always display the way the creator intended. This challenge is compounded in a mobile world, where PDFs rendered for mobile operating systems and HTML environments fail in the critical areas of transparency, blend modes and overprints.

CHILI rendro fundamentally changes this paradigm. Due to its strict compliance with ISO standards, CHILI rendro is the only rendering solution able to provide true, accurate renderings of PDFs regardless of where they are viewed.

Kevin Goeminne, CHILI publish CEO, says, “Any business that relies on PDFs as part of their operation will tell you that having fast, accurate renderings of PDFs is critical to their success. But until now, these businesses have had to rely on PDFs that don’t accurately represent what the creator intended, causing delays, mistakes, and inefficiencies. Our breakthrough solution solves these challenges by offering the most meticulous rendering, streaming and 3D viewing module of most types of PDF onto any platform that supports the HTML5 canvas. Users get a perfect rendering of the PDF of any size or type. When files require urgent approval, collaboration or editing, CHILI rendro ensures there are no barriers to success.”

Built to Integrate

CHILI rendro is available as a JavaScript SDK (Software Development Kit) that gives developers direct access to an extensive set of elements and eliminates the need for a browser plugin. The SDK format of CHILI rendro allows for tailored, scalable integration and platform independent collaboration that requires little configuration. These features make the solution fully adaptable to any work environment – from marketing service providers all the way to OEM partnerships.

CHILI rendro can also come with an optional 3D module that shows the PDF content in a practical application scenario. When integrated into an editing tool like CHILI publisher, updates are rendered both on screen and in the 3D module, giving the user an accurate view of what the final result will look like.

Goeminne concludes, “CHILI publish broke the mold when we introduced our online editing solution in 2010. Today, we are again redefining what is possible by introducing the most meticulous rendering, streaming and 3D viewing for any type of PDF onto any platform that supports the HTML5 canvas. All of us at CHILI publish are proud of this work, and look forward to hearing the market feedback at drupa 2016.”

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