Why CHILI publisher?

There are many reasons you'll love CHILI publisher. Here's the pick of the bunch.


Easy templates

CHILI publisher makes it easy to create templates that protect your brand, even with an inexperienced user in the driver’s seat.
CHILI publisher allows design pros to create high-quality templates for others to work in with features locked down.

Already created templates in Adobe® InDesign®? No problem.
A dedicated plugin imports them in a one-click process.

Adapts to Any Market

CHILI publisher delivers great publishing tools for your business, whatever business you’re in. Our customers represent virtually every sector imaginable and use CHILI publisher for a huge array of different publishing-related tasks.

Whether the industry is web2print, magazine publishing, packaging, brand management, document creation, yearbook applications or beyond, CHILI publisher already helps make short work of even the most ambitious document editing tasks

Clever Interface

Add a splash of (branded) color to your users’ day!
Set View Preferences to customize colors, units, and everything else in the Editor. Create Workspaces that only show the tools your users require.
And for code monkeys, try your wrench on the JavaScript API to create or modify every UI element you’ll ever need.

Highly Intuitive

Users feel at home immediately in CHILI publisher’s intuitive UI, which brings the ease-of-use and familiarity of word processing to any task. Click, then edit text and images, and see real-time changes.
And for layout/design experts, you’ll already know the ropes for working with frames, advanced typography and the other pro features at your fingertips.

High Quality Output

Turn great designs into great output—in every format you’ll ever need. Whether it’s destined for print, the Internet, XML or EPUB, CHILI publisher has you covered. And for PDF mavens, built-in preflighting ensures your output is high quality and complies with industry standards, such as PDF/X-4 for standard print, and even PDF/VT-1, if you feel like getting “chunky” with some variable data publishing.

Scale Without Growing Pains

Business booming? CHILI publisher’s adaptable architecture can grow with you. It’s fully scalable, so neither your business nor your portal will struggle as you expand.
You can easily add as many additional CHILI publisher Servers as you need when business ramps up without the overhead of pricey add-ons.
With CHILI publisher, your portal is open to a blue sky of business possibilities.

No Workflow Zone

Focusing on excellence means focusing!
CHILI publish technology offers more integration options than any other online publishing tool, but we keep the laser aimed on what we do best: Delivering an incredible publishing tool to embed in workflows like web-to-print, e-commerce, approvals, translations and more.
How and where our customers use it, however, is wide open.

A Complete API

The CHILI publisher API is so comprehensive that we use it in-house — and we have options!
Integrate CHILI publisher technology into your web portal precisely the way you want with our tried and tested tools. SOAP web services give access to all CHILI publisher’s functionality and every interface and document element can be accessed through JavaScript. What’s more, the documentation is genuinely comprehensive.