How CHILI publisher creates a unique publishing experience

How CHILI publisher creates a unique publishing experience


​Enforce Brand Guidelines

Enforcing brand guidelines can feel like tough love, but CHILI publisher makes it painless. Start by modifying the look of the CHILI editor to match your brand. Then build templates and control their elements right down to the content and positioning of individual frames. Lock what you like, or even lock it all and use variable data to avoid editing errors. CHILI publisher’s API can also integrate with your DAM system to keep everything up-to-date.

Enrich Your Document

Spice up your documents with CHILI editor enrichments. Quickly and easily assemble design elements with Snippets - CHILI documents placed in other documents that can even contain variable data. Connect documents to external data from your DAM or XML feeds, or upload Google or Excel Spreadsheets. Personalize your output with QR codes and many other types of barcode. With so much (meta)data at the ready, it’s easy for your documents to get rich quick!

Visualize in Context

Show, don’t tell! CHILI 3D viewer offers lifelike views of your documents and collateral. Swipe through real-looking flipbooks and document pages. Get the full 360 on 3D objects with the rotation function, viewing objects from any angle, and even collapsing and expanding along folds. Use CHILI 3D viewer to wow consumers or improve a web-to-print approval phase. With CHILI publisher, your documents are always on full display.

Repurpose Content

Repurpose, reuse and recycle! CHILI editor easily changes layouts and document sizes without changing your content. Cherry pick what’s visible by turning layers on and off. Anchor a frame to other frames then updates are reflected in all the anchored objects. Import XML data sources, then export them right back out again — or even transform content for the web with XSLT. CHILI editor lets you repackage the content you want and modify what you don’t.

High-End Layout Tools

High-end or the highway? Your browser now comes with all the features of your favorite layout tool. Pro-level typography allows you to kern and track, adjust leading and spacing, snap columns to your baseline grid, or let text loose on a path. Want OpenType support? No problem. Bleed and slugs? Ditto. CHILI publisher is packed with every feature a design pro will ever need.