The Universal Graphics Engine

CHILI publish - SHAPING TOMORROW'S GRAPHICS. Explore the new universe of omnichannel marketing opportunities. From marketing automation to customized packaging to new forms of direct marketing, there are infinite ways for marketers to reach their customers. But how can they process, manage and repurpose those graphic assets?

Meet CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine.

The Universal Graphics Engine processes any graphic arts input of an organization and creates templates from that input. Once created, users with a variety of skill sets – from beginners to seasoned graphics professionals – can edit these templates online. The edited templates are then delivered in the proper omnichannel format to the production environment or marketing automation program serving your organization.

​Why CHILI publisher?

If you’re looking for an online document editing solution to grow your business and please your users, CHILI publisher might be the perfect fit.
CHILI publisher has an enviable reputation for ease of implementation, quality results, and very fair licensing that delivers fast ROI and scales painlessly as your business grows.
With granular control right down to an interface level, customer experience is as simple and engaging as you like.



How CHILI publisher creates a unique publishing experience?
CHILI publisher is full of amazing features that wow your customers, please your staff, and help your online publishing business to grow.
From brand enforcement to powerful publishing tools, CHILI publisher makes every aspect of the online publishing experience exceptional.